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Warehouse Management, Inventory Control | Warehousing and Distribution Logistics
Freight Shipping, Inventory Management | Warehousing and Storage. Your inventory and transactions are as close as your fingertips.

M1 has invested in a Warehouse Management System to manage our customer's receipts, storage, fulfillment and shipments. The system allows us to profile our customers to ensure proper handling of all steps in the freight forwarder & distribution processes. Inventory management, cycle counting, reporting and invoicing are integrated guaranteeing consistency, accuracy and reconciled results.

Our customers are provided access to inventory statistics, order status and links to the shipper for tracking and delivery confirmation. Also, shipping notification is available to you or your customers via file transfer protocol (FTP).
  • M1 can receive and process orders and update shipment notification electronically for you or your customers.
  • All it takes is a click, password and your inventory, order entry, order status, and shipment tracking is available to you.
  • Web Access to your Information and Shipment Request simple and easy to use.

integrated Traker and Etraker applications

perform online shipment request transfers

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