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Why M1

M1 is an integral part of its customers business. Our mission is to manage your supply chain as if it were our own. We are not a transportation company which fills capacity with 3PL activity. We are a service organization which provides superior service levels with impeccable accuracy.

We understand that every business has different needs. In order to meet these diverse needs M1 has developed an integrated warehouse management and shipping documentation system supported by proven operating methods to provide the flexibility each customer needs to maximize their business opportunities. M1 provides systems interfaces tailored for each customer to minimize the impact of initial conversion and simplify data transfer.

Frequently we receive requests from customers to complete tasks which require ?jumping outside the box?. This is an ongoing challenge for a growing company and we pride ourselves on being able to support these requests and provide reasonable and timely solutions.

Our customers need ongoing access to inventory and shipping information which we provide through our web based system. However, inevitably they need to communicate and have access to us for questions and general issues. We are committed to supporting this need with timely response. We want the customer to feel as if we are next door not hundreds of miles away.

Because we are a service business nothing is more important than reliability and accuracy. Our commitment is 100% compliance. All orders are processed within twenty-four hours of receipt and all are audited for accuracy before release.

The management of M1 has extensive operating experience as retailers which have provided important insight into the needs of the ultimate customer. M1 ships daily to the largest most demanding retailers as well as to small companies and individuals. We also ship a diverse range of products including electronics, food, consumer goods; personal hygiene, toys and apparel. Our success rate is measured by compliance charges which to date number zero.

The continuing success of our company is inseparably linked to the growth of our customers business. Much of our planning and investment is directed at the long term view giving us the ability to manage growth productively and enabling our customers to focus on building their business.

Almost every company promises great customer service. At M1 we live it every day, every customer, every transaction. Ask our customers.

Our Customer Service Philosophy

M One promises its customers, "We will always meet their service expectations, but usually exceed them". This is our mission. We are dedicated employees of our customers-their Distribution Center, Logistics Department, Transportation Department, Supply Chain Consultants.

You are probably saying to yourself, "?they all say that?". The difference, we not only say it we live it! Our entire focus is being your distribution department so you can concentrate on other aspects of improving your business. The entire M One organization is always available to our customers to answer any question, give input/support or to assist their operation. Customer service has been the key to our past success and will always be our leading driver for continued growth. This is our commitment to you. M One can make this commitment because all associates understand the needs, requirements and importance of each of our customers.

Quality control is another important aspect of good customer service. M One uses an operational audit process to minimize the possibility of mistakes on inbound and outbound transactions. If an error does occur, we pledge to do everything possible to expedite correction.

I hesitate to discuss price, but must to get past an issue that is prevalent in our industry. Service is to often thought of as the "lowest price or handling fee". Good service has nothing to do with how much you pay. M One is committed to service regardless of the rate assessments. Most of our customers came to us because their prior company failed their service expectations. They found competitive expense assessments and the best service possible. We pride ourselves on never having lost a customer due to price or service.

Service includes value added benefits such as web access to real time inventories, receipts and outbound transactions, real time order entry on the M One website and custom processing to allow M One's smallest customer to ship to America's largest retailers with pre-approved shipment documentation.

Whether storage, pool distribution, fulfillment or any other logistics process, M One takes enormous pride in supporting our customers as if each transaction handled determined their success or failure.

Let us help your business!
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