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Distribution Logistics, Distribution Center, Warehousing and Storage.
Freight Shipping and Distribution Company | Freight Shipping Companies Flexible, timely, accurate and careful handling-based on your freight shipping and distribution logistics requirements.

Same day fulfillment through stage for future delivery.

Customer Pick Up on their schedule.

Daily delivery to America's largest retailers.

Full Service Distribution Center and Logistics - M1 will:
  • Setup your inventory via our on-line real-time system
  • Manage your inbound orders through receipt and audit
  • Prepare your inventory for fulfillment
    • Assembly
    • Repack
    • Ticketing/labeling
    • Cross-docking
  • Process your customer orders
    • Via fax
    • Via E-mail
    • Custom order forms
    • FTP (file transfer protocol)
    • Download from your system
  • Fill your customer orders to your specifications
    • Carton labeling including bar-coding
    • Pallet labeling
    • Bills of lading
    • Manifests
  • Shipping Freight to your customers
    • Parcel
    • Less Than Truckload
    • Truckload
    • Dedicated
  • Inventory control
    • Cycle counting
    • Physical inventories verification and reconciliation

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